Comparative Visions in Space Law: il convegno in programma il 9 e 10 febbraio all’Università Roma Tre

Comparative Visions in Space Law sala consiglio università roma tre

“Comparative Visions in Space Law”.

E’ questo il titolo del convegno in programma il 9 e 10 febbraio presso l’Università Roma Tre, Dipartimento di Giurisprudenza (via Ostiense, 159 – Roma), al primo piano, nella Sala del Consiglio.

Di seguito il programma della due giorni.

Venerdì 9 febbraio

ore 9:15 Saluti

Antonio CARRATTA, Director of the Law Department of Roma Tre University

Giorgio RESTA, Vice-Rector of Roma Tre University

Luciano VIOLANTE, President of the Leonardo Foundation

Elda TURCO BULGHERINI, Vice-President of the Italian Space Agency

Comparative Visions in Space Law: ore 10 Panel I “Legal Models in Space Law”

Sergio MARCHISIO (Sapienza University)
Domestic Space Legislation and International Space Ob- ligations: Great Variety, Key Aims

The Transnational Law Model and Space

Marco DI GIUGNO (ENAC: Italian Civil Aviation Authority)

A Regulatory Framework for the Prospective Commercial AeroSpace Transportation Operations in Italy

Simone BENVENUTI (Roma Tre University)

Fundamental Rights in Outer Space

Moderator and conclusions:

Mirko SOSSAI (Roma Tre University),

Comparative Visions in Space Law: ore 11,45, Panel II “Public and private in space governance”

Li JUQIAN (China University of Political Science and Law) China National Space Law-Making: Difficulties and Model Choice

Asset-Based Financing the Space Industry? The Enabling Role of Technology and Suggestions from Uniform Law (The Space Protocol to the Cape Town Convention)

Antonia ELIASON (University of Mississippi School of Law) Corporations and Outer Space

Maria LUCAS-RHIMBASSEN (Toulouse University)
Space Law in Canada: Pioneers Lost in the Polar Night

Moderator e conclusions: Marco FERRAZZANI (European Space Agency)

13:30 Light lunch

Comparative Visions in Space Law: ore 15:00 Panel III “Transdisciplinary Legal Issues in Space

Frans VON DER DUNK (University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Col- lege of Law)

Property Rights in Space: Where Does the Law Stand Now?

Diana CERINI (Milano Bicocca University) Insurance for Space Risks

Vanessa VITI (Contracts office of the Italian Space Agency) Procurement Rules and Execution of R&D Contracts

Marco PEDRAZZI (Milano Statale University)
Liability for Damage Caused by Space Objects: The In- terplay between International and National Law

BROCHURE Comparative Law Space 3 ANTE_Layout 1

Moderator and conclusions:

Vincenzo ZENO-ZENCOVICH (Roma Tre University)

Comparative Visions in Space Law: ore 17 Panel IV “Law and Geopolitics in Space”

Sebastiano FULCI (Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
Dual Use Nature of Space Technologies and Connected Risks of Proliferation of WMD

Ignazio CASTELLUCCI (University of Teramo) The Dark Side of the Space Law

Rafael MORO AGUILAR (Florida International University) Law Applying to Security Aspects in Outer Space

David BURIGANA (University of Padova)
Space Diplomacy. An Operational Definition from the Historical Reappraisal of the Present Geopolitics

Davide CIPELLETTI (Space Policy Office of the Italian De- fence General Staff)

The Italian Defence Space Strategy

Moderator and conclusions:

Sirio ZOLEA (Roma Tre University)

20 Conference Dinner

10 febbraio: il programma

9:15 Keynote speaker: Stefania PALADINI (Queen Margaret University Edinburgh)

The Case for Space Sustainability: Crowded Orbits, De- bris Crisis, and Global Space Governance

Introduction and moderator:

Mario RICCA (Roma Tre University)

9:45 Panel I: Moderator and conclusions Diego ZANNONI

Diego ZANNONI (University of Padova) What is ‘Peaceful’ in Outer Space?

Alexander SIMMONDS (University of Dundee)
Is the Speed of Law Faster than the Speed of Light? Con- siderations of the Impact of Special Relativity on the Op- eration of Law in the Context of Deep Space Missions

Enrico BUONO (University of Perugia, University of Saarland) and Anna MAROTTA (University of Campania ‘Luigi Vanvitelli’, New Vision University of Tbilisi)

The Public/Private Law Divide in Orbit

Naeem ALLAHRAKHA (Tashkent State University of Law) Regulation of Commercial Space Activities in the USA and Implementation of the US Experience in Developing Countries

Diego MAURI (University of Palermo)
Outer Space and Hybrid Warfare: An International Law Analysis

11:30 Panel II: Moderator and conclusions Valentina BARELA

Valentina BARELA (University of Salerno)
The Exploitation of Space Resources: A Perspective on Accords and New Governance

Riccardo VECELLIO SEGATE (University of Groningen)
A Regulatory Framework for Cyber Operations in Outer Space

Maria Elena DE MAESTRI (University of Genova)
Space Law in Europe: National Approaches and the Role of the European Union

Iva RAMUŠ CVETKOVIČ (University of Ljubljana) Supervision of Private Space Actors through National Legislation: Lessons Learned on the Example of Slovenia

Andrea CAPURSO (LUISS University)
The Interplay between Space Law and Domestic Legisla- tions: A Bottom-Up International Lawmaking?

13:15 Light lunch

14:30 Panel III: Moderator and conclusions Maria GAGLIARDI

Maria GAGLIARDI (Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, Pisa) The Law of Space Technology and Information. Risk Man- agement and Liability Models

Purvi POKHARIYAL and Deepa DUBEY (National Forensic Sciences University, Gandhinagar)

India’s Strategic Roadmap in International Space Law: Critical Analysis

Marjan AJEVSKI (Open University Law School)
Analogies for Space Law – How Comparing Develop- ments in Other Branches of International Law Can Fill Out Space Law

Marco FALCON (University of Padova) Roman Law Perspectives in Space Law

Ivan FINO (Space Generation Advisory Council)
The Application of the Principle of Accession on Celestial Bodies

Mario Pasquale AMOROSO (University of Trento) Navigating the Legal Framework of Space Warfare: As- sessing State Responsibility, Damage and Environmental Implications in Outer Space

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